Step Beyond Custom Orthotics

The world’s first portable orthotics lab

What is the VFAS Portable Orthotic Lab?

Diagnose, treat and manufacture corrected weight bearing custom orthotics in one consultation. The VFAS system puts 100% of the control over the outcome you prescribe in your hands. There is no third-party interpreting you script and mold, or attempting to match it with a close enough is good enough prefabricated orthotic from a library.

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A clinical platform for casting real time orthotics, in your office.

How it Works


What makes our product different? Find out all of the benefits and features.

Correct and Align Body Tissues in a Single Process with this Unique System

The patented VFAS mechanisms and protocols allow you to see in real time the changes in the foot, ankle, knee and back. You mold the patient using the specially formulated VFAS FootAligner while they are standing in a perfectly aligned position – all under 15 minutes.

  • Treat and manufacture corrected custom weight bearing orthotics in 15 minutes.

  • Instant feedback for you from your patient on the effectiveness of the orthotic.

  • Superior patient outcomes every time.

Total Control in Your Hands

Create new business opportunities as VFAS easily packs down to a portable ‘wheelie bag’ to fit into the trunk of a car. Then transfer between treatment practices or direct to the client’s location

  • Make custom, corrected, weight-bearing orthotics anywhere, anytime.

  • Demonstrate the ultimate convenience and go direct to your customers and treat and manufacture on the spot.

Save Time and Money

The more efficient process is more convenient for your patients, removing the need for multiple visits before they see any benefit. Now you have a competitive advantage.

  • Obtain instant feedback on how successful the device has been in correcting the patient’s foot posture and in relieving pain and alignment issues.

  • Choose whether to enhance the correction and strengthen the Foot Aligner by applying VFAS Foot Cookies. Or have the patient return after wearing them for a week to get additional feedback on where to deploy the Foot Cookies.

How it Works

The VFAS Process is different because the fitting and manufacture are done while the patient stands with their full weight on the specially formulated VFAS Thermo-moldable FootAligner ensuring you can achieve a more accurate and comfortable orthotic outcome.

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