Correct your patients alignment
whilst they stand, producing on the
spot custom orthotics
A faster, more profitable & accurate
way of treating, deliverying proven
superior patient outcomes

  • Casting with our unique foot aligner templates means you can produce orthotics on the spot, in under 15 minutes, no waiting for labs, dramatically improving efficiencies, improved margins and customer experience.


  • Research and several thousand clinical outcomes confirm your patients’ bodies will be better aligned because you’ve corrected them whilst they are standing;


  • Independent Research conducted by Temple University Podiatric Hospital Philadelphia, proves that Vertical FAS orthotics are more comfortable then orthotics produced from other casting methods, meaning your patients are considerably more likely to complete the treatment and remain long term loyal customers;


  • You’ll be able to correct longstanding problems your patients have experienced (see our testimonials for some remarkable stories);


  • No more messy plaster, or time-consuming amendments or follow up appointments caused by ill-fitting orthotics resulting from less accurate moulding techniques. Follow the link to find out more about How the Vertical-FAS works.

New VERTICAL FAS arrives March 2018
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