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Portable Orthotics Lab

Corrected Weight Bearing Orthotics In 15 Minutes

With the VerticalFAS Portable Orthotics Lab, you can prescribe, create and dispense custom corrected weight-bearing orthotics in less than 15 minutes. It puts 100% of the control over the outcome you prescribe in your hands. The result is better orthotics, happier clients and more time for you and your business.

Take your first step beyond custom orthotics now.

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Winner of the Good Design Australia Award | Medical Device Category

      Good Design Award Australia

Take Control – Step Beyond Custom Orthotics

“I have been using the VerticalFAS device from the very first build.  I have had many options put to me over the years to change, however, I am very committed to this method of casting and the proof is in my patients’ positive response to our orthotics. 

Tracy Ferris,  Hills Podiatry Practice – Sydney

Over 30 years in the industry.


Correct & Align Body Tissues in a Single Process

The VerticalFAS Portable Orthotics Lab comes with patent-protected VFAS mechanisms and thermo-moldable FootAligners.

These allow you to see in real-time the changes that the VerticalFAS makes possible in the foot, ankle, knee, and back.

You have complete control over the entire process – prescribe, make and dispense high-quality, custom orthotics in a single consultation.


Increased Patient Comfort

Too many patients find custom orthotics uncomfortable and don’t complete their treatment. They stop believing orthotics can help them, and worse, tell others the same thing.

That’s because the weight-bearing correction method built into the VerticalFAS means your patient feels as if they are ‘in’ the orthotic, not on it.

More Convenient for You and Your Patients

The more efficient VerticalFAS process gives you the gift of time. You have more time to work on your business, hang out with your family and friends – or take up Latin dancing. It’s up to you!

And because it requires a single consultation, it’s quicker for your patients, too. Plus, it gives them orthotics that are so good they’ll want to tell others.

How It Works

See how the Portable Orthotics Lab can improve your clinical results and produce high-quality thermo-moldable orthotics in under 15 minutes.

What’s Included

Book a demo now and find out how you can save $2,500
Your VerticalFAS Portable Orthotics lab includes free delivery and installation, free initial in-person training, ongoing access to our online training resources plus a bonus branded accessories carry bag. Ask your VerticalFAS representative about how you can receive your $2,500 credit on FootAligners to get you started.

FootAligners come in 22 sizes across the full length and ¾ length templates. Each kit includes 2 FootAligner templates, 6 cuboid and 1 pair of the medial longitudinal arch and rear foot self-adhesive cookies and a pair of treatment socks for patient comfort.

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