About Foot Aligners

About Foot Aligners2019-02-14T16:14:55+00:00

We are passionate about bringing fully custom orthotics to practitioners

We are passionate about bringing fully custom orthotics to practitioners

See how we can help you get the results you want

Stay in control

Actionable Feedback

Intelligent Adjustments

4 Way Control

Weighted Casting

Fast & Easy


Patient Feedback

Innovative Podiatric Technology

We are focused on the most important thing for patients: the result!

  • Robust Design

  • Under 80 pounds

  • Portability

  • Field Tested

  • Portable Measurements

  • Basic Power

Making Practitioners Lives Easier

When we designed the VFAS Portable Orthotics Lab, we were just as focused on making practitioners lives easier as we were on getting better clinical outcomes for patients. We knew that if we made your life easier, then that would have to be good for your business and our business.

We enlisted the help of the UCLA Anderson School of Management GAP Program to conduct research to confirm our thinking. After over 300 interviews with bio-mechanically trained professionals across two continents, we were convinced we had to solve these problems.

  • 1. Practitioner Control & Consistent Patient Outcomes – removing reliance on others to get the patient outcome you know is required to genuinely correct alignment, curing the root causes of patient pain, today and into the future.

  • 2. Time – A faster, more convenient process for you and the patient.

  • 3. Overcoming Objections – Helping you overcome patient objections like “it takes too Long”, “It’s too expensive” and “My friend tried it and found it too uncomfortable”.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my current orthotics supplier know how to make orthotics from VFAS plaster casts?2013-10-23T03:20:42+00:00
Am I locked in?2013-10-23T03:20:25+00:00
How much does it cost to use the VFAS?2013-10-23T03:20:31+00:00

The VFAS Portable Orthotics Lab provides these answers, and the means to accelerate your business, increase patient word of mouth referrals, increase profitability, and give you back time through a more efficient process.

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