Case Study #2

72 Year Old Female Tibialis Posterior Pain

Age: 72

Gender: Female

Condition: Tibialis Posterior Tendon Disfunction (PTTD), pain in both ankles, knees, hips, Lower Back and balance issues..

Duration of Pain: 15 years +

Overview: This excessive pronation through the gait cycle and medial deviation of the STJ Axis, increases the loads on the bodies tissues beyond acceptable levels. As the feet flatten, the calve muscles work extra hard, (especially on the Left Leg) to lift the heels off the ground and transfer weight to the Forefoot and engage the Windlass mechanism. There is a Forefoot Supinatus, causing a slight Abductory twist which increases the loading through the 2nd and 3rd metatarsal heads because the 1st Metatarsal head is short and dorsiflexed and unable to get to the ground for propulsion. The collapsing of the arches also causes internal rotation of legs, causing the knees to have a Valgus angle.

Treatment: You can see in the before and after videos, the feet move within a normal range of motion after alignment on the VFAS. This increased her stability, allowing the muscles in the lower leg to work more efficiently, dramatically decreasing the stress on the tissues and efficient gait cycle. The last two pictures show the amount of correction the orthotics have on the feet and legs.

Pre Treatment Anterior View

Pre Treatment Posterior View

Mid Treatment Posterior Pre-Corrected

Mid Treatment Posterior Post-Corrected

Left Foot Orthotic

Right Foot Orthotic

Post Treatment Anterior View

Post Treatment Posterior View

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