Correct and align in a single process

The patented VFAS mechanisms and protocols allow you to see in real time the changes in the foot, ankle, knee, and back. You mold the patient’s orthotics, using the specially formulated VFAS FootAligner, while they are standing in a perfectly aligned position – all in under 15 minutes

  • Treat and manufacture corrected custom weight-bearing orthotics in 15 minutes
  • Instant feedback for you from your patient on the effectiveness of the orthotic
  • Superior patient outcomes every time

Make your business mobile

Create new business opportunities as VFAS easily packs down to a portable ‘wheelie bag’ to fit into the trunk of a car. Then transfer between treatment practices or direct to the client’s location.

  • Make custom, corrected, weight-bearing orthotics anywhere, anytime
  • Demonstrate the ultimate convenience and go direct to your customers and treat and manufacture on the spot.

Save time and money 

The revolutionary VFAS process removes the need for multiple patient visits before they see any benefit. This will give your practice a significant competitive advantage over the competition.

"For three years I suffered constantly with chronic plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. I'd spent thousands on specialist doctors, but nothing worked. Words cannot express how my VFAS orthotics have changed my life. I can walk and run and have no pain in my feet whatsoever."

-Diane Braggins

Step Beyond Custom Orthotics

Genuine Correction Increased Comfort More Convenient

Genuine Corrected Weight Bearing Orthotics

The patent protected VFAS treatment mechanism allows you to correct the patient’s foot posture while they stand. You will see real changes in the foot, ankle, knees and back on the spot.


Custom Orthotics in Under 15 Minutes

The combination of the unique treatment mechanism and thermo-moldable FootAligners means that you can treat, mold and manufacture the custom orthotic in under 15 minutes.

Improve Your Patient Outcomes

1000’s of successful clinical patient trials and independent university research provides compelling evidence that the VFAS Portable Orthotics Lab will allow you to revolutionize your practice.


100% Control in Your Hands

You diagnose, treat, mold and manufacture in one visit. No longer do you need to rely on a middle man laboratory to interpret your script, chase late jobs, or inconvenience patients with unnecessary visits.


Real-Time Feedback

Because you dispense the orthotics on the spot, patients can give feedback instantly. In less than 15 minutes after you start the treatment and manufacturing process, the patient is walking in the orthotics.

Built in Codification

To help your understanding during the learning phase and facilitate consistent training, we have codified key aspects of the treatment mechanism. Making it easy to train new staff members as your business grows.

Stylish Portable Design

The device easily transforms into a ‘wheelie bag’ style configuration in just 3 easy steps in under 5 minutes. Now you can go to your patients or treat across multiple locations including sporting clubs and satellite clinics.


Training & Support

Face to face induction training in your clinic, comprehensive video library supported by webinars and a digital training manual. Video blogs to keep you up to date with the most interesting case studies and treatment techniques.

The Great Value FootAligner Kit

Included are 2 thermo-moldable templates, 3 pairs of versatile self-adhesive cuboid cookies, 1 pair of medial longitudinal arch and rear foot cookies and 1 pair of treatment socks for patient comfort.

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