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At last, 100% of the control for the prescribed outcome is in your hands.

The patented VFAS mechanisms and protocols allow you to see in real time the changes in the foot, ankle, knee, and back. You mold the patient using the specially formulated VFAS FootAligner while they are standing in a perfectly aligned position – all in under 15 minutes.

New Business Opportunities – The VFAS Competitive Advantage

The VFAS is a new way of thinking about how you treat and serve your patients. It can also be a new way to think about your business model.

For the entrepreneurial practitioner, the VFAS Portable Orthotics Lab will facilitate new business opportunities that will help you grow your practice, improve profitability and margins and give you a competitive advantage over traditional competitors.

Perhaps most importantly it gives you the ability to remain relevant in an environment where there is growing competition from ‘off the shelf’ options and where consumers put instant gratification and price ahead of long-term results and value for money.

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Being able to pack the VFAS easily down to what is essentially a ‘wheelie’ style suitcase, means you can easily deploy it across multiple clinics. In treatment mode, it only takes up approximately 1 square meter of floor space, so if you are in a shared practice it will not increase your footprint.

Exploit the portability and make custom, corrected, weight-bearing orthotics anywhere, anytime. Demonstrate the ultimate convenience and go directly to your customers and treat and manufacture on the spot.

Retirement Communities

There is growing evidence of the importance of foot posture alignment to fall prevention in the elderly.

Treat and dispense orthotics on-site for the residence at a retirement living community and give access to a whole new group of customers you may never have reached or benefited from your skills.

Retirement Communities

Local Sporting Clubs and Schools 

Set up at training session for the local college track, football, basketball teams and treat and dispense orthotics on the spot.

Sports Teams

 Large People Power Organisations

Any organization that has many of their staff ‘on their feet’ for most of their working day will know the value of keeping them fit and free of the type of injuries that come from poor foot posture in this type of working environment.

The chance to reduce lost production hours and the risk of potential workers compensation claims would make it very attractive to have your services on-site twice a year for treatment and check-ups.

Business Orthotics

Increase Referrals

Do demonstrations for local GPs and other related medical practitioners in their practice as a way of persuading them to refer patients with biomechanical issues to your practice.

Do demonstrations at your local specialist sports running shoe store to convince staff to refer patients with chronic foot pain to you for treatment.

Consultation VFAS

Create a Price Point Competitive Advantage Without Compromising Margins

The efficiencies that you will benefit from mean that in absolute terms you will spend less time on each patient than you currently do. This means you can consider passing some of the operational savings onto the patient.

You might also consider a discount that makes multiple pairs more attractive to more patients than might currently be the case.

Because of accurate repeatability when molding with the VFAS, you will be able to produce a second or third pair in a fraction of the overall consultation time.

Orthotic Groups

Corner the Teenage Market

Many parents find it very expensive updating their teenager’s orthotics during the period of their children’s most rapid growth. Teenagers could require a new set of orthotics every 9 months given how fast their feet grow.

Giving the parents of teenage children a price break for purchasing repeat pairs with your practice during their child’s growth spurt could see you grow this segment considerably, as well as attracting a customer for life. Word of mouth from at the school gate about this type of service should result in new customers.

Teenager in Sports

Enjoy your practice again with VFAS

Cast weight bearing orthotics in a fraction of the time with the best clinical results possible.

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