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There are no two feet like yours, so we designed the VFAS system to allow your practioner to create a pair of orthotics that will specifically address the unique needs of your feet. It’s a system which goes beyond the current definition of what a custom orthotic can do.

The VFAS gives your practitioner 100% control over both your treatment and the manufacture of your orthotic.

This is in direct contrast to current plaster or scanning molding techniques which require the practitioner to;

  1. rely on a third-party laboratory to interpret a script to shape your orthotic, or
  2. match your needs with a ‘close enough’ prefabricated library of orthotic shapes.

The VFAS allows your practitioner to create the exact shape for your feet.

Don’t just take our word for it. Research conducted by Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia confirmed the VFAS produces a more accurate, more comfortable and more repeatable mold than both plaster and scanning techniques.

Instant Feedback and Pain Relief

Importantly, the VFAS allows your practitioner to manufacture your unique orthotics on the spot. You and your practitioner obtain instant feedback on how successful the device has been in correcting your foot’s posture and relieving your pain or discomfort. Your practitioner may enhance the correction and strengthen the FootAligner by applying VFAS Foot Cookies.


You leave the practice with the VFAS FootAligner in your shoes after only one visit. No need for multiple fitting appointments. You can also have extra pairs made for all your favourite shoes during the same visit.

This unique system allows the body tissues to be corrected and aligned in a single process.


The VFAS process is different because the fitting and manufacture is done while you stand with your full weight on the FootAligner, giving a more accurate, comfortable fit. It makes sense that to address your pain and alignment issues, your practitioner should first correct the alignment of your feet while your body is bearing the loads that occur when you are standing. This way your practitioner can be certain that the shape of the finished orthotics will be as they are intended – an exact fit for your feet.

"The best part about the Orthotic Lab is the patient gets to take home their orthotics the same day."

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