How The Vertical FAS Works

There’s a big problem that many foot care practitioners face when prescribing

  • creating the correct foot position for true alignment is very difficult when lying down or not weight bearing;
  • the resulting orthotics cannot precisely match the patients’ weight-bearing foot morphology; and
  • it’s difficult to optimize both comfort and control on a non weight bearing patient.

The patented Vertical Foot Alignment System (“Vertical-FAS”) solves this longstanding challenge. The Vertical-FAS allows you to manipulate your patient’s foot position whilst they are standing. You can adjust the forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot plantar sections of the foot independently and control the exact position you want your patient’s foot to be in, whilst they are fully weight- bearing.

Post Assessment, insert specially prepared Foot Aligners under the feet of the patient while standing using the Vertical-FAS. The patient standing on the foot aligners gives exact match weight and pressure with correct alignment. The process automatically moulds exact fit, comfort and corrected foot aligners in 15 minutes.

Perfect Alignment Rear View Of Foot


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